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Orlando Pita

Orlando Pita Argan Gloss Shampoo

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Argan Gloss Shampoo

NOTE* - Bottle is subject to change without notice.


    • Leaves hair glossy & revitalized
    • Restores shine
    • Helps smooth frizz and fly-aways


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The Orlando Pita® Argan Gloss Shampoo is formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil to help provide a sleek, smooth and long-lasting finish to hair while taming frizz. This special shampoo leaves hair with extra shine and manageability and absorbs quickly. In addition, the advanced formula helps protect against thermal damage, while coating each strand in nourishing moisture and hydration. Argan gloss shampoo is unisex and cruelty free/no animal testing, parben free, and sulfate free. Shampoo bottle is 27oz.

After Shampooing with Argan Gloss Shampoo, massage Argan Gloss Conditioning Treatment into hair from roots to ends. For dry damaged hair, leave on for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


No Sulfates, Parabens or Phosphates.


The Orlando Pita® Argan Rejuvenating Hair Treatment Oil leaves hair with a luminous shine. This unique blend is a perfect leave-in treatment for dry, frizzy hair.